Diamond Services

The GIA laboratory also provides the following services in addition to grading and identification.

Laser Inscription | Fee for Service
Upon request, a diamond can be microscopically inscribed on its girdle with its unique GIA Report Number (referred to as the GIA Inscription Registry), a personal message, or any other text, symbols or logos. The GIA Inscription Registry is included with the Diamond Dossier® service and all synthetic diamond report services. A laser inscription allows for easy identification of a diamond, a way to personalize the diamond, or serves as a form of branding for the diamond manufacturer or retailer.  

Updates and Re-Examinations | Fee for Service
Diamonds already graded by GIA may be re-submitted for either an updated version of a GIA Report or a grading re-evaluation after a diamond has been re-cut. In both cases the diamond goes back through the grading process and a new report is issued. 

Diamond Type Analysis | Fee for Service
A supplement to a GIA diamond report, this service provides a determination of the diamond’s type: Ia, Ib, IIa, or IIb. The result of this service is provided verbally. A letter documenting the results may be provided upon request. At your preference, the letter can include a photo of the actual diamond. 

Damage Assessment | Fee for Service
A supplement to a GIA diamond report, this service provides a gemological determination of any damage a diamond may have incurred since it was last polished. The findings are documented on a GIA Identification Report format. This service is offered on loose or mounted, D-Z or colored, natural diamonds.  

Master Diamond Grading | Fee for Service
This service includes an analysis of diamonds to be assembled into a master diamond set for D to Z color grading. Each diamond submitted must meet stringent criteria (shape, weight, proportions, conditions, relative position on the GIA D-to-Z color scale, etc) to be included as part of a set. The set of master diamonds is issued a Master Diamond report listing the diamonds in the set and their color grade. 

GIA Report Check
This free online service provides allows you to confirm that your GIA Diamond Grading Report or GIA Diamond Dossier matches the information in GIA’s database. Enter the report number and carat weight, and Report Check returns all the grading information issued for that diamond. Report Check currently serves diamonds that were graded after January 1, 2000.  

Facetware Cut Estimator
This free online service allows you to estimate a cut grade for any round brilliant cut diamond in the D-Z color scale, simply by entering the proportion and finish information.

Report Verification Service | Fee for Service
To confirm the authenticity of your GIA Diamond Grading Report or Diamond Dossier, or the information it contains, you can request a report verification. Simply submit your diamond along with its original report to the GIA laboratory. The diamond will be re-assessed and the results of the analysis will be returned to you, along with your diamond and its original report. In some instances, we may ask to remove the diamond from the setting so our gemologists can properly perform the service. 

Diamond Sealing| Fee for Service
This service packages a diamond along with its key grading information in a credit-card size, tamper-resistant container, that makes the diamond safe to transport and easy to display. Sealing is provided for D-Z and colored diamonds accompanied by GIA reports. Depending on the dimensions of the diamond, it may not be possible to perform this service on diamonds over 8.00 carats.

Quality Assurance Service| Fee for Service
With an increase in treated and synthetic diamonds in the marketplace, GIA now offers testing for loose and mounted diamonds in the smaller size ranges to help you quickly make determinations about items being offered to you. Available for D-Z and Fancy color diamonds 0.20 carats and less and black diamonds 0.50 carats and less, this service offers tests to determine whether the gem material is diamond or not; natural or synthetic; natural or treated; or to identify specific treatments. Results are presented in a table format. 

GIA Monograph| Fee for Service
Augments the data of a GIA report by documenting the full grading and identification process, as well as the gemstone’s historical provenance. Complete with photographs, spectroscopic illustrations, and supporting reference documents, when available. This presentation-quality, hand-bound book resides in a custom slipcase along with the gemstone’s grading report. Only available for qualifying gemstones. Please contact a Customer Service Representative for details.   

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